Everything comes from one source: awnings, patio roofs and parasols.  From design to installation. Color, shape, materials: everything is perfectly coordinated


Terrace awning

The most popular awning is the folding arm awning. For your terrace, garden, balcony or office you want an awning that shades the wall and part of the terrace. If the projection is large enough, you can sit under it with a table for 4 to 6 persons. Read more …


A sheltered terrace is one that can be enjoyed for longer. You can stay outdoors when it is windy, in the blazing sun or when it’s raining. Pro-shade offers shade solutions to cover your outdoor spaces.

NEW ! New are our solar bioclimatic cells. Read about it here.



The parasol is the underdog in the world of shade solutions.  The shape and materials haven’t changed much.  But then again it´s the most flexible and economic solution to shading small places.

Parasols are still popular in hospitallity hotels like Hilton and Guadalpin are still using parasols next to their more advanged shade solutions.