Bioclimatic Solar Pergolas

A sustainable sun protection that generates free electricity

Following the sun..

The solar pergola follows this principle. Instead of simply hiding the power of the sun, like conventional shading systems, this solar pergola collects the sun’s rays and converts them into usable electrical energy. With its rotating solar panels it is following the sun when not used. This way the pergola acts like one big solar cell. That is always oriented at the sun.

Office next to the pool

The solar cells on the louvres provides free electricity

The energy generated can be, consumed or stored in batteries. The PV modules with the best material quality consist of monocrystalline. These are dark and thus inconspicuous solar cells, which are laminated under a special solar glass.

This not only looks very noble, but also allows the highest possible efficiency. The pro-shade solar pergola turns the terrace into a second living room and, thanks to its slim, timeless design, it can be integrated into the given environment or cut a good figure it it is free-standing.

Led lighting on the side beams

Due to the possibility of free size scaling and optional special colours, this sustainable pergola can be perfectly adapted to any type of house and terrace.

The sophisticated technology is convincing: A software specially developed for the system can determine the optimal alignment of the fins, optionally it is fully smart phone compatible and can be used via an easily integrated the app on your phone.

Extending the inside out

Blends in to any building

This makes Pro-shade´s outdoor solar pergola the most beautiful place in the world. The safe low voltage of a maximum of 60 volts and the integrated unlocking device ensure a high level of safety. A comprehensive service for planning and installation complete the offer.