A free-standing pergola can be defined as a freestanding structure with an open roof. This means that the structure is supported by 4 or more columns or posts. Because of that the freestanding pergola may be used to cover a walkway or to provide complete shade and shelter for an outdoor living space. This structure can be covered with plants, shade sails or with a professional patio awning. These pergolas can be completely remote controlled

Bioclimatic pergolas are popular for their adjustable motorised panels. Which guarantee absolute protection from the elements. The pergola is regulating the solar intensity and providing natural ventilation.

There is the possibility of closing the perimeter sides with vertical blinds or sliding glass curtains.

Bioclimatic pergolas are the ideal solution for experiencing and protecting outdoor spaces. The movement system of the panels that make up the roof is the most characteristic technical feature of these structures.

A free standing pergola by Pro shade obstructs direct sunlight and ensures pleasant temperatures on your terrace. Yes even on hot and sunny days. Not only does it provide cover from the rain and the sun but it also becomes an absolute highlight for your home. An highlight that has a sophisticated design and versatile design options.

Bioclimatc pergola

Somfy motors are powering our most of our awnings. And normally this is the last part that brakes down. But if so, then this factory provides an outstanding service. They offer all of their manuals online. Free of charge and Pro Shade can guide you if you want to explore yourself. Normally this wouldn´t be your worry. We will take care of the technical part. As a client you just need to worry about normal maintenance.