Corradi bioclimatic Alba

Adjustable panels

Very popular at this moment are the bioclimatic pergolas. These pergolas are popular for their adjustable motorised panels. Which guarantee absolute protection from the elements, regulating the solar intensity and providing natural ventilation.

There is the possibility of closing the perimeter sides with vertical blinds or sliding glass curtains.

Bioclimatic pergolas are the ideal solution for experiencing and protecting outdoor spaces. The movement system of the panels that make up the roof is the most characteristic technical feature of these structures.

Saving energy

Whether you have a second home in Spain or you own a hotel, bioclimatic pergolas allow you an elegant solution to help you enjoy the outdoors without suffering as a result of temperature or weather changes. If you are looking for the perfect modern addition to your home or hospitality business, bioclimatic pergolas might be the right option for you.

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A Room for All Seasons

Bioclimatic pergolas are great for a number of reasons, but most prefer these innovative rooms because they allow you to enjoy the outdoors regardless of the temperature or climate outside. You or your guests can enjoy the outdoors in a whole new way with your own bioclimatic pergola.

Technology Integrated

Bioclimatic pergolas are truly a feat of engineering as their various components work together to create the ideal indoor/outdoor environment. Pergolas are able to change air temperature, strategically funnel wind, and conform to your ideal environment. They use the latest technology to provide an efficient, luxurious environment for you or your guests.

Entertain Better

Bioclimatic pergolas have both recreational and business applications. If you are a homeowner, you will value the increased ability to entertain and make your guests comfortable. Pergolas are not purely a luxury--they are practical as well and give you more flexibility with your outdoor/indoor spaces.

If you are a hotel owner, you understand that an investment in the quality of hospitality that you give your guests is paramount to your success. Pergolas give your establishment a feeling of luxury and attract customers to your hotel.

Corradi pergola awningBioclimatic pergolas for hotels and restaurants

Pro Shade in Marbella has Corradi as our premium supplier. This Italian manufacturer produces all of their shade systems their selves. Being in direct contact with the manufacturer allows us to design custom solutions for our clients.