Indoor roller blinds

Roller blinds are predominantly suited to rectangular windows and doors in the home or commercial premises. The made-to-measure MHZ roller blinds can also be used for large windows, glass frontages and skylights.


Our Griesser facade awnings provides shading even when it's windy. Griesser zip system is exactly what you need.

The zipper closure is welded onto the fabric, guiding the material into the elegant and discrete covered guides all along the entire height – and holding it securely. This cleverly designed zip system also works for large surfaces and gives added resistance in wind or bad weather. The Solozip II even withstands winds of up to 92 km/h.

Select your facade awnings from one of our two contemporary fabric collections with a large assortment of colours that help you integrate your solar shading perfectly with your facade design.


Honeycomb blinds consist of two pleated layers of fabric joined together and fixed between two rail sections. The honeycomb-shaped cavities between the fabric panels form an air cushion that acts as a layer of insulation against heat and cold. As a result of this structure the honeycomb blinds produce soft incoming light and an atmospheric ambience.

Unlike on a pleated blind, the tension cords of a honeycomb blind run inside the cavities. That means no punched holes that the sun can shine through. Together with blackout fabrics the blinds can be used to fully darken bedrooms and living rooms.