Potential customers

Discover how to find the parasol that increases turnover on your hospitallity terrace. 

There are several types of parasols:

1.   The small free beverage supplier parasols: too small, not windproof, They only cost you space and bring you nothing.

2.   The medium size and medium quality parasols. For starters or small businesses.

3.   The proffesional parasols: affordable, top quality, last for years + a return on investment.

Realize your terrace is branding your business

There are also two types of customers: regular customers and potential customers. Your parasols can function branding for your business which can attract potential clients. By printing your name and or logo on the parasol you make free advertisement all year round.

When the parasols are open, that’s the first thing people see. From far far away.

This is how you attract new customers. An open parasol means: “this place is open, you are welcome here”.

A closed parasol means: “we are closed, go to bed …”.