Shade sails and Camo sails

Shade sails and Camo sails  are an ingenious combination of technology and design. The purist design meets the highest demands.

Camouflage sails

Sun sails an Camo sails can shade areas that are many times larger than those of other sun protection products. The variety of design options and materials enables us to meet the different requirements and eventualities of our much appreciated clients.

Shade sails and camo sails are very often made from the same materials. Very often these fabrics are from, Ferrari Soltis, Sauleda, Dickson or Sunbrella. For links you can also visit our About Us page.

Shade sails

Whether sandpit in kindergarten, catering area or high-quality terrace of a luxury villa – we have the right product with direct contact with our manufacturers. In close cooperation with our client we lead almost every project  to success. Our sun sails and Camo sails are unique and therefore also reflect the ideas and ideas of our clients.

We can and can successfully prove it in Marbella, Cadiz and the surrounding area. Pro-shade started out 17 years ago with SunSquare automatic shade sails. Nowadays we install next to shade sails also fixed sails from the Netherlands or comparable brands.