Remote control for Awnings

The driving power behind most of our awnings is the somfy motor. Most of our terrace awnings are equipped with a Somfy motor as standard.  A Somfy motor is a high-quality tubular motor. All Somfy engines are affordable and spare-parts are easily available online and or we have them on stock.

Somfy is a globally operating French company and a leading manufacturer of electric motors, remote controls and sensors for outdoor sun protection. Safety and comfort are central to Somfy. Therefore Somfy engines are tested under the most extreme conditions. This for optimum reliability and a long service life. For this reason, Somfy offers a 5-year warranty on Somfy engines and accessories.

This means we can choose from an enormous range of remote controls from Somfy. From an easy 3 switch control up to complete house control units. Pro shade Marbella stocks Somfy wind and sun sensors. Somfy recently released an amazing outdoor camera. Ask us about it. And Pro Shade Marbella will visit you to explain all the possibilities.

Remote control

Manual or automatic awnings

Our awnings are operated manually or with an automatic, but there is also a wide range of electric drives and various control systems.

With the electric motor drive, we avoid heat losses that arise due to the opening for the mechanical transmission of the controls. But in the basic version of the electric motor drive, the awning is operated by a switch. In an even more convenient way by a remote control. Which requires the use of electric motors with built-in receivers and at the same time gives us numerous operating options.

You can use a remote control to operate a certain number of sunshades, or you can use the timer to raise or lower the sunshade at a specific time and day. This gives us the impression that we are at home even though we are actually absent. Numerous climate sensors enable us to regulate the sun protection with regard to weather conditions such as the sun, wind or rain.

The range of radio controls is regulated by the legal provisions for radio systems and limited. This among other things, by the structural conditions. Adequate radio reception must be ensured when planning. This is especially true when the handheld radio transmitter is in a different room than the radio receiver and the radio signal has to penetrate through walls and ceilings. The radio control should not be installed in the immediate vicinity of large metallic surfaces. Neither near strong local transmitters. The reason is that those the frequencies can be identical to that of the control system. Which means they can interfere with reception. Somfy's liability for defects and damage is excluded if these are based on non-observance of the instructions for use (incorrect installation, incorrect operation, etc.).