camouflage shade sails

Camo shades or camouflage nettings

  1. Camo sails can be used as a double-layered privacy screen between the hedge planting and the property line.
    In the upper area, the net should definitely be laid twice, in the lower area a single covering is sufficient.
  2. The fastening should be done with fence posts . A 3mtr. wide net is then sufficient for a privacy screen of approx. 1.80 - 2.00mtr. height.
    The attachment of the net can be done with quick connectors.
  3. Opaque border curtain (existing fence);
    If the fence is sufficiently high, the net can simply be placed over the fence itself. If the fence is too low, extensions can be attached to the fence posts. Whether the net is hung with two or one layer depends on the desired opacity.
    The attachment of the net can be done with quick connectors.
  4. If there is no fence, fastening posts or similar must first be set. The distance between the piles should be 2-3 mtr.
    Care must be taken that the posts are driven deep enough. Impact sleeves with posts are also excellently suited.
    We recommend at a height of approx. 2 mtr. to connect all posts or piles with at least three horizontally running tensioning cables (e.g. at heights of 20cm, 120cm, 200cm). The tension ropes serve to stabilize the posts and the camouflage net against wind, weather conditions.

Sun protection / shade provider:
Carports and outdoor seating, as well as terraces, balconies and pergolas, can easily be protected from the sun with our camouflage net. This is why these camo nettings are one of the most popular solutions at this point.