Free standing awning

Sometimes it is not feasible to install an awning on the facade. For example, if you want to protect a very large surface, such as a restaurant terrace, from the elements. Or if your (monumental) facade is not suitable for attaching a folding arm awning.

At Pro-shade we have devised a suitable solution for this problem: free-standing awnings. For years, Pro-shade has been manufacturing and supplying various sunshades on uprights. This way you can even place very large awnings where it suits you. Directly against a building or even somewhere completely detached in the garden or on a terrace

We can choose from Camo sails (camouflage nets), freestanding awnings, fixed shade sails or even automatic shade sails.

Freestanding shade solutions

Let us look at some shade solutions for areas without any buildings near.

Here we have to create something to hold the shade above us. This is mostly done with some kind of poles or supports. For solutions we can think of parasols, pergolas, shade sails or camo sails. The lowest point of the shade should not be lower than 210 cm. If there are moving parts or sharp parts then a height of 230 would be better.

Available solutions

Shade sails

Camo(uflage) sails


Freestanding awning