Outdoor Solamagic heaters

Pro-shade supplies Infrared Heaters which are perfect for heating patios, outdoor areas. Infrared heaters are popular for their efficiency and effectiveness in providing a consistent and pleasant warmth to users. In the bars and hotels they are popular for the red glow, which atracts clients.

They work by heating up objects in front of the heater as opposed to the air around it; this ensures energy is not wasted and safes on your electric bill. These radiant heaters heat objects using natural infrared radiation, working in the same way as the sun heats objects. This heat feels pleasant and is felt directly under the first layers of the skin, but not deep in the tissue, making them inviting and cosy. Many of our infrared heaters can be wall mounted, making them ideal as patio heaters or outdoor heaters.

´Heatstrip´ patio and indoor heater

The Heatstrip radiant heaters work with infrared radiation. They are completely heated up within 10 minutes and radiate heat up to 4 metres. The highlight of the Heatstrip is that they heat up the air. Heatstrip heaters are popular because of their design in patios and indoor areas.

Highlights of the Heatstrip infrared heaters

  • Space saving installation
  • Stylish design
  • Low- or no-glare when emitting heat
  • Very economical in energy consumption
  • Low maintenance