Pergolas with adjustable panels

The pergola with panels

Are you looking for a terrace roof with an open view to the sky, and all-weather protection for your terrace? Protection against the summer heat, rain, hail and strong wind?

It sounds like utopia but it is nowadays reality. And because of that Pro shade installs these bioclimatic pergolas in and around Marbella. The bioclimatic pergola will protect you from all types of weather.  These pergolas can be freestanding as seen in this picture next to a pool or jacuzzi. But also connected to your house or any building for that matter.

The origin of the rotating lamel roof has proven itself for years in gastronomy. Thanks to innovative technologies and these experiences, the patio roof venetian blind has been increasingly perfected. Corradi slatted roofs go up to 640 cm span without intermediate posts. We can use side blinds with film or hurricane-resistant textile screens as flexible terrace enclosure. Therefore also glasdoors are an option to implement as a side closure solution.

The standard motorized slat roofs comes as a standard at the basic version and focus on the essentials. As a single element, it packs up to 6,5 m span with 2 or 4 front support posts. Choose between a roof module with water drain, up to the wall-mounted or free-standing version. The slats and the frame are standard in white or graphite-colored textured paint, whereby you can combine both. The most popular is the anthracite frame version and the louvre roof in bright white to achieve more brightness and heat reflection.

NEW ! Solar Bioclimatic pergolas

The louvres of these pergola are coated with solar cells. If you are not using the pergola for shade, these louvres are following the sun from dust till dawn to absorp as much sun possible. This radiation is transformed into elecricity.