The price of an awning

Superior Shade

Over the years, there have been countless attempts to develop a unique, robust, and effective outdoor shade system for patios and other entertainment areas. Instead of trying to force you into a one-size-fits-all type of solution, we can develop a custom shading solution for you that will keep your outdoor space protected from the sun and cool enough to relax in.

Camo netting

Who Needs It?

If you own a home in a warm area like Spain, you have probably thought of getting a better solution for shade in your outdoor area. Traditional awnings sometimes work, but they have limitations that can be a deal-breaker. Our innovative solutions take shade to the next level and use technology to give you customized control over your shade.

Toldo plano

A Solution for You

Each of our shading solutions are designed with you in mind to give you the best possible experience. Whether you want to create an appealing outdoor space for your customers, friends, or family, we can scale our solutions in technology and size to meet your exact needs.

Vertical blinds

Luxury Design

Our shading solutions are not just meant to provide shade. They provide the perfect blend of luxury and effectiveness. Our awnings fit in perfectly with your home or business in Costa del Sol, Spain, or anywhere else you want innovative and effective shade. Not only will they look great, but they will work great, too.

If you are ready to finally get the shade that you and your guests deserve while getting both a modern look and a functional design, get in touch with us today to make it happen! And of course don´t forget to check out our facebook page.