Weinor awnings for cosy flair

A Weinor Sottezza II essures you a relaxing times under your patio roof. The decorative inside shadowing is elegant, sleek and understated and suitable for almost every patio roof.

This Weinor model invites you to relax. And that's what you'll be able to do. Because this awning reduces the development of heat under the glass and provides for feel-good temperatures. Especially in the summer. In the cooler seasons, the warming solar rays are used to heat up your patio area. At the same time, the Sottezza II also provides effective glare protection.


Clever Sottezza II versions

Stretch and OptiStretch

The Weinor Sottezza II OptiStretch, has the fabric positioned securely in the side channel – just like a zip. This ensures that the fabric remains taut, without its edges hanging over sideways.

With the basic version of the premium Weinor Sottezza II Stretch, the fabric is clamped firmly on both sides. A strong rope clamping system with pulley technology minimises the fabric sag and reduces the risk of the edges of the fabric hanging over sideways to the minimum.

Under pergola awning

LED lighting integrated in the cassette. Romance in an elegant design

The cassette with the integrated LED lighting blends perfectly into the architecture of the patio roof.

Led lightingwww.pro-shade.eu

Weinor Sottezza II benefits.

When the Sottezza II is present, you want to stay there. And that is also possible, because this awning reduces heat development under the glass and ensures a comfortable temperature - even in summer.

  • Under-mounted conservatory awnings
  • Reliable cord tensioning system
  • Precise and low-noise carriage system
  • Optional LED lighting integrated in the cassette
  • 155 fabric designs and 56 standard frame colors
  • Smart variants for the fabrics: Stretch and OptiStretch